Fan Swears Recent Love Of Birmingham City Doesn't Come From Repeated Viewings Of Peaky Blinders

Boston, MA - Derrick Colwick has repeatedly insisted that his recent devotion to Birmingham City Football Club has nothing to do with his recent back-to-back viewing marathons of Peaky Blinders. He also points out that his wardrobe addition of a flat cap and weekend activity of attending horse tracks are also completely unrelated.

Honestly, I just love the team and the area. Who wouldn't love Birmingham?

Honestly, I just love the team and the area. Who wouldn't love Birmingham?

Mr Colwick's friends became concerned when he started slipping into a bizarre accent, even for Boston, and began peppering his dialog with slang phrases from the 1920's. Their fears were confirmed when Mr. Colwick began talking repeatedly about his love of Birmingham.

"No one likes Birmingham City and no one likes to root for Birmingham City." said friend Angela Webster. " Especially some 30 year old man from Boston who grew up watching I Dream Of Genie and pretending to be Major Nelson. This is just bizarre. This is absolutely the fault of his obsession with that show. Ever since he started watching it, he just can't help himself. It's like some kind of sick, twisted personality transplant."

For his part Mr Colwick does not deny his slavish devotion to the British drama. "It's great television. Really makes me feel like one of the lads. I mean who doesn't want to be ARTHUR FUCKING SHELBY. But seriously though, I mean, I just love Birmingham City."

Despite his nascent love of "The Blues", Mr Colwick was unable to name a single player on the squad, although he repeatedly stated, "They play in St Andrews, absolutely. I learned that from the show."

The Nutmeg News will have more on this as Mr Colwick begins to watch Sherlock for the first time.