Op-Ed: Welfare Clubs Are Ruining The Sport

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Wake up, soccer people. You are being fleeced and its time you opened up your eyes to what’s really going on in this league.

We are seeing an entire generation of entitlement clubs that are robbing the good, honest, and hard-working clubs out of their money. The self-sufficient clubs are spending their hard-earned money to buy big-named players and these other clubs that haven’t worked hard enough to keep up and are now crying ‘foul’ and are now getting handouts from the MLS to level the playing field at your expense.

The playing field doesn’t need to be leveled. What happens once one of these clubs gets a handout? What do they do next? They ask for more. They ask for trade loopholes. They ask for more free allocation money. They ask for more, more, more. They are dirty, filthy beggars leeching off the system that is only providing them with free handouts of our money.

You don’t see teams like Los Angeles Galaxy having this problem. They work hard, invest their money wisely, and then they have the results to prove it. What does a team like San Jose do? They use this free money to go out and buy someone like Anibal Godoy using my money. No one wants to see Anibal Godoy play. Even if he is good. Admit it, you don't even know who Anibal Godoy is as a player. I could have made up a name and you would have believed that is who they signed, like Freddie Freeloader or Christopher Communist.

Is this Anibal Godoy? Nope. But you probably thought it was til you got to this caption.

Is this Anibal Godoy? Nope. But you probably thought it was til you got to this caption.

It makes me sick! My money shouldn’t be going to these welfare clubs.

Oh sure, nearly everyone thought that the most recent handout improved all teams involved and was a big boost to the league, but it wasn’t. And would you like to know why? I’ll tell you why.  Because now these teams realize that if they continue to do nothing to improve and just simply watch the other teams pass them by with all their hard work, then eventually they will get some more money.

This mindset is going to create an entire generation of welfare clubs.  The current ownership of these layabout clubs realize that they don’t have to work for the money to buy big international signings and then decide that there’s no need to actually work hard. Then when they sell the club or hand it to someone else, the next generation of owners will do the same thing.  You end up with clubs stuck in a cycle where they have their hands out looking for allocation money and the rest of the clubs that actually put in the work end up footing the bill.

This free allocation money, really, is our money. The fans. We’re the ones who are ultimately paying for this. I go to LA games and I put my money down to watch a team that works hard and produces results. That money eventually gets up to the MLS headquarters and goes right down into the hands of welfare clubs.  If anything the money should be going to bigger international friendlies as a way to bolster our leagues defense against other countries leagues who think we are weak and second-tier by showing how strong we are.

So if you find your team not doing well enough to keep up you better just tell your players to lace up their boots and then pick themselves up by them because it’s time for some honest hard work, not just sit around and lollygag and wait for the league dole.

Howard Beale, esq.