Elected Officials Beholden To Corporate Interests Question Soccer Officials Beholden To Corporate Interests About Soccer

Members of Congress, today, questioned representatives from US Soccer about how to find and procure bribes that would help them quit their day jobs as senators. 

"How exactly did Sepp Blatter obtain bribes and can this be extrapolated to say, for example and this is totally hypothetical, a state senator?" said Lindsay Graham, Senator from South Carolina.

"When we talk about briefcases full of money, are we talking large briefcases or small briefcases?" said Marco Rubio, Senator from Florida.

Senators questioned Dann Flynn, CEO and secretary general of US Soccer, about the ways and methodologies of a corrupt organization in an effort to better understand how to apply this in a general sense for the senate.

"We often talk about subsidies from corporate America, but these contributions to our campaigns are still above-the-board corruption" said Jerry Moran, Senator from Kansas "We would like to better understand the efforts of Chuck Blazer and Jack Warner. These are men that are considered legends in our industry."

While the talks between the United States Senate and US Soccer will continue, many that are covering the talks indicate that literally nothing will come from this except the entertainment of everyone that cares enough to watch the feed on C-SPAN3, the ESPN8 of C-SPAN.