Bearded Italians On High Alert As PirloWatch Kicks Into High Gear

NEW YORK CITY - PirloWatch 2015 kicked into high gear as a random New York City FC fan purportedly ran into the Italian megastar on the streets of New York City. This shock announcement sent all bearded Italians into a panic as stores in Williamsburg were flooded with men trying to escape mobs of Juventus clad fans attempting to take pictures with them.

"It was pure chaos out there" reported Giovanni Buzetti. "A man kept screaming at me that I was Pirlo, but I was just trying to take my kid to the subway"

PirloWatch stalwarts and NYC dogwalkers Betty and Steve Smithman are updating their youtube channel with constant updates and perpetual rumors as they drive around New York looking for Pirlo. "We thought we saw him in Chinatown but it was just an unemployed theater production manager working on a screenplay at Starbucks. We then heard a rumor that someone saw him at Grand Central Terminal but there were so many bearded Italians there that we couldn't figure out who they were talking about."

There were reports that New York Red Bull sent their new mascot "ENERGEE" (the walking Red Bull can) out to talk to people on the street in order to draw attention away from the mania of PirloWatch, however the can was forced to spend 2 hours explaining where the team played and how to get there, instead.

The Nutmeg News will have more news on PirloWatch2015 as it continues.