FIFA Tell EA Sports To Add Women To Special FIFA 2016 Mud Wrestling Minigame

Zurich, CH - FIFA announced today that they have told EA Sports to add women soccer players to a special Mud Wrestling mini-game in the popular FIFA franchise.

The Nutmeg News spoke to Sepp Blatter about the issue, "Men like women. Women are terrible at playing soccer, but great making babies and cooking food for us men. We also like to watch them parade around wearing little and mud wrestling. This makes sense, no?"

While Blatter has been long regarded by himself as being a feminist, his work to add women soccer players to the FIFA video games is being regarded by himself as a massive step forward in the rights of women to be exploited for free by a video game. "We here at FIFA believe that women should play the beautiful game as it gives us another opportunity to accept bribes. As well, we believe that they should do so in short shorts and bra tops while wrestling for a greased ball. This is a win for all sports fans, everywhere. The game will include such players as Alex Horgan and Encarta... er Merta.... Marta, that's it." 

EA Sports today released a statement that indicates that they have nothing to do with this content and that if a suitcase of money hasn't shown up by 1:00pm, they are just going to pack in the video game franchise and work on getting John Madden to say another 10 phrases about Tom Brady for the upcoming version of Madden 16.