Sepp Blatter To Resign From FIFA To Devote More Time To The Fight Against Batman

Zurich, CH - Sepp Blatter, today, announced his decision to resign from FIFA in order to focus and devote more time to the fight against Batman.

Blatter stated, "too long have I waited in the shadows, biding my time to take out the Batman. It is only now that THE PENGUIN can arise" before he shuffled off with a flotilla of penguins armed to the teeth with machetes and nuclear warheads. 

TNN was able to verify that while Blatter will be off fighting Batman, he will still be very much able to take and create bribes, as well as distribute world cups by going with the "point at a rich country that hasn't held the World Cup and solicit bribes" methodology.

After Blatter's conference, FIFA released a statement sating "We do not condone nor endorse super villains lightly. However Sepp "The Penguin" Blatter has shown his commitment to felonious methods to further the truth of football in our world. As such, we will also be contacting the Joker, but not the Riddler because he hasn't been made into a relevant character since before Clooney donned the tights."