Every Fan In Attendence Remembers Colorado v Seattle Except Connor O'Shanksy

Seattle, WA - Connor O'Shansky attended the Colorado Rapids versus Seattle Sounders game last night and vividly remembers nearly nothing from the game he attended.

"I was W-R-E-C-K-E-D, bro" said the still slightly drunk O'Shanksy to The Nutmeg News on Thursday. "I'm a Pats fan, in town for one night, me and my bro's said... 'hey, lets go to a game' and we did. I got wasted on those 12 dollar Budweisers. So, wasted. My friend Aiden hooked me up with some of the dank before we entered. I don't even remember the game."

While O'Shanksy remembers nothing of the game, literally every single person around him does as he was standing on his chair, flipping off the crowd, screaming rage induced curse words at his fellow fans and yelling at other people who weren't cheering to suck his dick.

"He was awful, just awful." said Seattle fan Jane Gurdy. "He had a flat brim Patriots hat tilted sideways and spent most of the night whipping his shirt around in a circle about his head. If I wanted drunk bros screaming epithets at fans around me, I'd go to a Seahawks game."

O'Shanksy indicated that he loved the atmosphere of the game and the fact that the setup of soccer allowed him the ability to scream the words to songs that he didn't even know while trying to pound two Bud Lites all the while lecturing his section on the importance of Tom Brady during the half time break. "If I get a chance I'll go again. But only to a place with an actual crowd, like Seattle. Maybe next time I'll remember the game, but probably not. I'll just smuggle in a flask of Jagermeister and really get the crowd going."