Fan Admits That His Verbose Twitter Hate Of RSL Comes From Personal Problems

Orem, UT - Real Salt Lake season ticket holder David Mewes admitted on Tuesday that most of his recent twitter hate on his club comes from his deep personal problems that are seeping out into his sports fandom.

Mr Mewes spoke with The Nutmeg News about his situation, "I'm in the middle of a custody battle with my wife for my two children, I'm finalizing our divorce, I just had a notice that I have to start working nights.... Let's be honest, sports allows me the opportunity to take all the frustrations I have with work and just bellow them out into a nonsensical rage against the team that I love."

Mr Mewes indicated that while the team certainly has some problems and certainly needs things to be addressed that he isn't really as angry as his twitter persona @HungryHipposOnFleek would suggest. "Look, that's just the online version of me. The in person version of me is just a man going through a hard time. I mean.... sports and RSL in particular used to allow me the opportunity to escape from my tormented life of middle management and now it is just a mirror that holds up my own failings in front of me. It makes me so damn angry what Cassar is doing and it is conflated against my own personal failings as a parent."

While Mr Mewes has indicated that he won't be giving up his season tickets, he also said that his verbal discontent of Real Salt Lake will not slow, "While I realize the situation that I am in has some bearing on my current opinion, our record is still crap. I'm just waiting for the RSL that I know and love to come back and relieve me of the tormented nights I spend drinking Polygamy Porters and watching old episodes of Sesame Street from the 1970s on Netflix."