Merritt Paulson Reaches Out To Nick Sakiewicz To Offer Advice

Philadelphia, PA - After a protest against the Philadelphia Union and a back and forth between the Union ownership and the supporters group Sons of Ben, Merritt Paulson reportedly reached out to Nick Sakiewicz to give him advice on how to handle the supporters group.

TNN spoke to Mr Sakiewicz about the phone call he received from Paulson, "Well, he called and said that he had a lot of experience telling his ardent fans to fuck off and still getting them to fill up the stadium. So he felt like he had a lot to offer to me on how to accomplish this feat."

Sakiewicz said that Paulson informed him to be imperialistically dismissive towards the ardent fans, to never admit that the ownership group was in the wrong, and to ensure that he insulted the fan base frequently while simultaneously making events that encourage them to buy into the team. As such, Sakiewicz said that the Union plan on having a fan appreciation event where they take pictures of Union supporters and put them on the stadium, as well as offering more face painting booths and the ability to attend a Union training event at 10:30 am on an unannounced Wednesday in the future.

Sakiewicz said, "I learned a lot, to be honest, and I see the road map going forward. The Sons Of Ben are clearly idiots and morons. They don't understand my plan and they clearly don't understand soccer. Also, real fans get it is all about supporting the players and supporting the front office because we have a plan, we have just been unlucky implementing it. Now, come on down to the Union front office charity event with the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia on Saturday, unless you hate children and hate charity."

TNN will have more on this situation as it develops.