OPINION -- Rebuttal: To The Man Burned Out On Charity

The Nutmeg News accepts opinion pieces and letters to the editor as part of our community outreach policy. TNN will publish these letters in response to columns to fairly cover both sides of any debate.

To Mr Kenso:

Clearly you don't understand what we are doing here, so I'm going to illuminate it for you.

Why do you hate charity? Why do you hate giving back to your community? Why do you hate kids who like soccer and hockey?

It's not about you, it's about the city in which we live. You want to support the team in a half ass way and that's going to reflect poorly on all of us. You can't be half-way stuck in, you have to be all the way. That means attending and fund raising for the group in all capacities. If we had more people like our public relations expert, Helen Cosgrove, we would be in a better place. She, Mr Kenso, selflessly works a 50 hour job and spends an additional 20 hours a week on supporters group items. Including dealing with your privilege.  She barely even gets to see her children and hasn't been able to watch a game finish in 4 years because she has to go run operations outside the stadium. That is dedication. 

If you don't want to do the things we want you to do, then you should fuck off and leave. If you can't understand that we trade fucks in the stadium for fresh paint on schools then you aren't one of us. These things that we do make it impossible for anyone to criticize us at any time.

You are a poser, Mr Kenso. You are a carpetbagger, Mr Kenso. We don't need more fans like you and if you don't realize that you can fuck off. More slackjawed idiot fans like yourself wont raise the esteem that others in the community have for our group.  

If any other people want to join our group, we could use more volunteers to help build a foundation for an outdoor hockey rink for elementary school children the night before our big game against Montreal. As well, remember that some of your money in TFC supporters group Red Hell goes towards the refurbishment of endangered wetlands around the Ontario area.


Carl Stephenson

President: Red Hell