Disillusioned Man Leaves MLS Supporters Group After Charity Burnout

TORONTO - Derry Kenso wanted an authentic experience where he could swear, stand and sing for the club that he loves, Toronto FC. So he began to frequently join the Red Patch Boys and a number of the different supporters groups that attend the games in Toronto. However, three years later and Mr Kenso decided to leave. The Nutmeg News wanted to know why.

TNN sat down with Mr Kenso for an interview on why he left, "I joined the boys so that I could stand and cheer for Toronto FC, but increasingly it felt like I was in the supporters group so that I could do charity around the town and sometimes attend a game. Look, I have nothing against doing charity around town as I think it is a noble gesture, but I'm confused as how it has anything to do with wanting The Reds to win."

Mr Kenso stated that during the time when Toronto wasn't playing that he was subjected to emails, twitter, Facebook posts and personal conversations about donating his time to the organization. "They wanted my time all the time. I volunteered to collect food for the poor and the next thing I knew they were trying to schedule me for three more events. I really just wanted to help with the tifo and make flags, and just have fun at the games. I didn't really want to help repair the school infrastructure around town. I get how that is helping out my city, but I do that in other ways that have nothing to do with soccer. I just wanted to go to the games with a group of good friends and enjoy watching the boys play."

Asked if he was going to volunteer or help out in the future, Mr Kenso had the following to say, "Increasingly it felt like I was there to support the supporters group and the ego of the group rather help the supporters group cheer on our team. I've just decided to go to the games but stop going to the charity events and stop giving money to the groups. I'll help out on banners and two sticks, but I don't feel like I need to help collect money to clean the teeth of the homeless in order to feel like a fan of Toronto FC."