Reddit Complaint Thread About Shameful American Outlaws Behavior Turns Into Shameful Bigoted Comments By Reddit Users

A report filed on the news aggregation and social media site by a Mexican-American fan that stood with the American Outlaws turned sour as the baseless comments and behavior that the fan reported were excused with casual racism, jingoistic idiocy, victim blaming, and strawman arguments. 

 According to the report, at the recent San Antonio clash between Mexico and the United States, US fans in the American Outlaws section were caught yelling "puto" at the goalkeeper in response to the Mexican fans continued usage of the slur. They also were caught yelling "Go Back To Mexico" and "Fucking Faggot".

While this behavior is thoroughly reprehensible, a number of fans defended this as "something you hear at every game," and that "'Mexican' is not a slur," and that "you can't pin this all on one group" and that "I've suffered worse by Mexicans." Thus once again proving that you can say a lot of bad things about people from Mexico but do not say anything bad about the American Outlaws saying bad things about Mexico.

While Reddit is regarded in both a positive and negative light by many fans who use the service, there are often indications (even on a massive level) that it can also be a place where the detritus drains out from the bile of society to pool together in order to feel like they have a common fellowship.

TNN spoke with clinical psychologist Harold Lamar about this situation. "While those we refer to as trolls are hiding behind the notion of 'creating a civilized discussion and exploring all view points' often times those that are intentionally obtuse and argumentative use this method to attack those who report bullying and bigoted behavior by methodically finding ways to devalue their position, a common strategy employed by those who want to excuse behavior. Sadly when people use the excuse 'this team or this group of people made us suffer worse than we did to them so this shameful behavior isn't as bad' they employ a viewpoint that exacerbates the cyclical culture of reprehensible and bigoted abuse."

TNN will continue to cover this situation as it continues.