History Professors Use Idiotic "Remember The Alamo" Banter To Call For Increased Educational Funding

History Professors in the United States used remarks said by supporters during the buildup for the United States versus Mexico game as signs that education of the youth on the history of the United States has failed miserably. 

"So many young people were yelling 'REMEMBER THE ALAMO' to Mexican fans, which is tantamount to yelling 'REMEMBER THAT TIME YOU WON'." said professor of United States history, Lydia Stephenson. "It just shows that our educational standard is so incredibly low that we rely on 1960's Walt Disney movies to give us historical perspective. We must increase spending on our education to prevent such moronic statements from fans going forward."

Director of Banter for the US Soccer Federation, Jared Dephiggio, agreed, "We are years behind other countries when it comes to banter. Some of our youth are so dumb they are actually giving the country they are insulting complements. It is a difficult situation for the US Soccer Federation and why we are pioneering our pay-to-play insult and banter schools in south Florida." 

Despite all this, American Outlaws supporters and USA fans continue to taunt Mexican fans with such random remarks as "Davy Crockett, Bro", despite the Mexican army killing Crockett during the battle of the Alamo.

TNN will have more on this as it continues to get worse.