Progressive Man Only Watches Women's Sports

Phoenix, AZ - Peter Maños is being hailed by his wife Trudy as a truly progressive and modern sports fan by exclusively watching women's sports. We met with Peter and Trudy in their Phoenix area home. "I think this is a sign of the way things are going with modern men," Trudy says "where you now have a man who instead of watching football decides that he's going to watch Women's soccer matches. He's a fantastic role model to our daughter and is the kind of modern man that we all should look for in our own relationships." She then excused herself to get some coffee from the kitchen.

Mr. Maños isn't alone either according to the Nielsen Television Ratings company. This last weekend the Women's National Soccer League (NWSL) had their first games and Nielsen showed a dramatic increase in ratings that occurred thirty minutes into the match, coinciding with the conclusion of a women's beach volleyball tournament being aired on Spike TV.

"Yeah, I was watching the beach volleyball tournament until I heard my wife come back in the house so I clicked over to the soccer match," Peter says "I'm more of a beach volleyball fan or even women's tennis, but soccer is alright because I didn't have to keep looking over my shoulder. And it's a whole hell of a lot easier than trying to watch women's gymnastics. Jesus, unless it's an Olympics year there's no way I can even think of watching that unless everyone is out of the house."

Peter continued as his wife entered into the room carrying three coffee cups "But I have to say that my favorite thing about watching women's sports is the inspiration I get seeing these women play at their peak athletic performance even though they don't get the financial rewards of the men. They play for the love of the game and all of that enthusiasm and energy is just so enjoyable to see. I can only hope our daughter finds something she is as passionate about in life. I love women's soccer and hope that others will find it just as liberating."

After our interview Mr. Maños excused himself to the restroom whereupon he retrieved the Hope Solo issue of ESPN's Body Issue magazine hidden in back of the cabinet.