Several MLS Teams Await Finalization Of CBA Before Not Spending Any Money Anyway

NEW YORK - With the 2015 Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA) close to being ratified after the Major League Soccer (MLS) Players Union took a groin kick agreement so that the league front office could sign a bunch of new league sponsors that only benefit themselves, certain MLS front office teams are reportedly excited to know how much money they will have available to not spend in 2015.

"Not spending on players is the corner stone of our franchise and our league." said Chicago Fire owner Andrew Hauptman. "When the CBA deal is finalized, it will inform us how much money we could theoretically spend to let us know how much money we have saved in 2015."

TNN spoke to Merritt Paulson who confirmed that the Timbers have no plans to break the bank, yet. "I'm planning on waiting until the last minute to spend our money on a panic buy."

Stan Kroenke had the following comment released, "The Colorado what?!? I don't own a soccer team outside of London, do I? Someone get my accountant on this."

The Nutmeg News reached out to the Houston Dynamo for comment but received notification that Golden Boy productions would have to verify with Anschutz Entertainment Group that they could speak with our reporters before making a comment on whether they have permission to spend money on the team.

TNN will stay on this situation as it develops.