TNN Fan Spotlight: Dolores Stephens

Orlando, FL - TNN Fan Spotlight for the week of March 9th, 2015 is Orlando City Fan Dolores Stephens who managed to somehow irritate everyone within a 5 foot radius of her on Sunday after telling mass groups of people "Think About The Children" and "God didn't give you a tongue for profanities" when they started swearing. 

"Why won't they think of the CHILDREN" said Stephens, despite somehow forgetting her own child in the crowd and having to go to guest services to meet up with little Billie Stephens who is, reportedly, scarred for life and will now display really crazy behavioral patterns when it comes to trust issues in his future relationships.

For the TNN Spotlight, Mrs Stephens won a two day gift certificate to the NEW International House Of Pancakes and, by her own choice, a three day cruise on the new Benny Hinn boat "Other Peoples Money".