New Sporting Kansas City Kit Allows Fan Interaction

Kansas City, KS - The new Sporting Kansas City kit for the 2015 season allows fans to plot the season point total on the x and y axis says director of fan relations Timothy Belvedere.

"We thought that we would design a way for our fans to interact with each other by allowing them a way to draw on each other at the match. This way they can plot the points of the team, completely accurately, over the course of the season. While certainly there is a cause of concern for profane vandalism we maintain that this is something we are willing to suffer for our fans to interact with their kits in a new and novel way" 

While the team has admitted that this may lead to an improper usage, Kansas City anarchist fan group "The smoked meat pranksters" showed their version of schematically correct plotting. The modified "dickbutt" kit will be available on sale the season opener pre-game tailgate.