LA Galaxy Honor Sponsor, Herbalife, With New Kit

Carson, CA - LA Galaxy unveiled their new team kits this week with a photo shoot to honor their kit supporter Herbalife. Cindy Pinoz, the liaison for the LA Galaxy creative department, was on hand to give insight and answer reporters questions.

“With all the success the club has had over the past few years we felt it was time to give tribute to a company that has provided years of support and like our team has grown strong and stable and will endure for many years. I don’t think I am way out of line to say that Herbalife is truly the company that represents LA Galaxy.

To capture this image our marketing department envisioned our two enterprises as being pyramids standing firm in the sand. We initially had the idea of flying the whole team over to the great pyramid of Giza to have the players model the kits but with middle east politics such as they are this was not going to be feasible. In addition Bruce Arena and our fitness staff were very Mad off our request to take players away just before the season starts.

Our creative team refused to give up and continued to scheme on how best to tie in this image of the pyramids. They then presented the idea of having a shoot in the sand and letting the name itself “Herbalife” represent a pyramid.

The plan was to drive out to the California desert but gas prices have increased too much over the past couple weeks and there are no electric car charging stations on the way. We then brought in some our creative team interns to sit with our senior members so we could come together with some true multi-level marketing. In the end we just decided to go 20 minutes over to the beach and just throw the kit on the ground and kick some sand on it and take a few pictures of it.”