Mediocre Man Offers Mediocre Opinions On Mediocre Season

Houston, Texas - With the first couple weeks of the 2015 MLS season underway most teams have three games behind them and Houston Dynamo analyst David Williams sat with TNN to discuss his take on the season so far and predictions for how the season will progress.

“We’ve had a win and a loss and a tie, “ David said as he stirred a pot of Hamburger Helper, “That’s pretty good I guess. I don’t really expect too much from the team at this point. Or ever really. If we win, we win. If we lose, we lose. It’s not really a big deal to me either way.”

As he reached into the refrigerator for a can of Coke Zero we asked him to give us his take on the dynamics of the teams playing style this year and if it provided more spectating excitement than in previous seasons. “I dunno. I can’t really tell the difference. I’ve heard that European soccer is pretty exciting but I’ve never bothered to watch a game so I can’t really compare it to anything. To me MLS seems just fine. I go to the games, have some hot dogs, maybe a beer, two if I’m feeling wild. I usually buy a new kit each year to support the team but I generally only wear them when I go to the gym, which is like once a month or something. What was the question? Oh, dynamics. Yeah, it’s pretty good. Seems like it anyway.”

We asked David how he goes about sharing this overflowing passion of the game that he has with his twelve year old son, Peter. “Peter sat and watched part of a game last year with me and I thought he might like to have a ball of his own so I picked one up from the church yard sale last year. It was like fifty cents and helped the high-school youth group get a new ping-pong table. Anyway, the ball is usually just laying out in the yard. If I’m out mowing the lawn and Peter is around I’ll kick it out of my way over towards him. Sometimes he tries to kick it back but usually it just stays where it lands after I kick it until next time I mow that spot.”

As we left David sat down on his Ikea couch to turn his keen analytical eye to the NYCFC vs New England Revolution game. He then turned on his picture-in-picture to TNT which was airing a rerun of Two And A Half Men. He then swapped pictures leaving the MLS match in the bottom right corner.   We can also report that he opened a bottle of Miller High Life, took a drink, and was quoted as saying: “Mmmmm. That's good.”

TNN will keep readers posted on further updates.