Regional, Soccer Playing Argentinian Introduces North America To New K-Pop Sound

Barcelona, SP - Major League Soccer and New York Red Bull's superfan Lionel Messi introduced North America to the sounds of new Korea Pop (K-Pop) supergroup  X-TREME Man Deluxe on Sunday.

Messi, who has been known to wear a Chris Duvall kit to bed, plays for a poor, regional soccer club named Barcelona. Barcelona recently sent a delegation to Major League Soccer to learn the intricacies of pandering to the lowest common denominator via video and getting fans to love it. 

In a fit of cultural relations the commissioner of Major League Soccer, Don Garber, has reportedly been in conversation with X-TREME Man Deluxe to play the halftime show of the Major League Soccer All-Star game with now retired MLS Superstar and clearly reticent rapper Steve Zakuani.

"I'd literally do anything. ANYTHING. I MEAN FREAKING ANYTHING, including horrible sexual things that you can't even imagine to get Lionel Messi in an MLS Stadium", said Don Garber.

TNN will stay abreast of Garber's pandering as it happens.