Soccer Fans Demand Net Neutrality

Cincinnati, OH - First Row Sports (, a website that provides pirate streams of soccer games from around the world, is being shown the red card from soccer fans demanding that they be forced into following Net Neutrality guidelines.

There's not nearly enough porn apps and pop ups.

There's not nearly enough porn apps and pop ups.

"It's not fair," says David Rogers a Cincinnati resident, "I cut the cable because the cost of cable packages were just getting outrageous.  I found that I, as a soccer supporter, could just pirate whatever I wanted for free on the internet to fight back against the egregious costs but now FirstRowSports is the only site that is getting linked for my streams and they are clearly manipulating my bandwidth throughput and stream quality."

He continued, "It used to be you could find some guy putting out full HD streams but now all we get are these crummy 240p videos from FirstRowSports. I just don't have any options. I bet FirstRowSports sends DCMA takedown notices to all the other sites to ensure they're the only ones streaming the games."

When asked what he plans to do if the Net Neutrality push doesn't work he replied: "I'm going to enable Ad-Block on all those sites to really hit them in their pocketbooks. I'm not-not paying good money for nothing."