Drag Superstar Latrice Royale Called To Help Orlando City Soccer Club

Orlando, FL - Drag superstar Latrice Royale was called to Orlando, Florida after the mascot for Orlando City Soccer Club, Kingston, failed in an attempt to do his own makeup.

"We knew something went wrong when Kingston walked out of the bathroom and the whole office gasped. This wasn't good by any standard and there was only one person who could fix the problem", said director of mascot relations Heather Appleby. "We immediately called in the professional talent of makeup expert and drag superstar Latrice Royale."


The Nutmeg News found out that when Ms Royale was approached she was originally going to turn down the job. "When I first saw that makeup I thought to myself of the five G's. GOOD GOD GET A GRIP GIRL. That is just some busted drag makeup right there. There's blending and shading, and then there is falling face down into a vat of foundation and concealer. But I figured that Kingston was a sexy cat that could use my help."

Orlando City released a notification saying that Kingston, with Ms. Royale's help, will attempt to blend the features of his costume into something not so horrifying by first kick.