Altidore Shows His One Touch Football Prowess

TORONTO - Jozy Altidore is no stranger to controversy having been both prolific at goal scoring in the Eredivise and lacking at goal scoring in the Premier League, La Liga, and the Turkish Super League. However he is showing a new dimension to his game, that of the ability to play the game with only one touch.

“This idea of one touch football started during my trip to Sunderland and I hope to really polish this technique to a fine point with Toronto FC. With Gus Poyet and Paolo di Canio, I really worked hard to play the game with only one touch, either a pass or a shot towards goal. I am hoping with Toronto that they will continue to let me play the game of playing slightly offside, dragging back the defensive centerback pairing and attempting to find the game by wandering side to side until half time comes”, said Altidore.

“We tried to work on the idea of limiting touches to limit my touch and to try to only have the ball touch my foot once in a game. The idea of Asceticism in soccer came from my devotion to the practical application of non-violence towards all living and nonliving creatures. I am able to show my devotion to Asceticism by avoiding striking a ball, a human or the net with violent force. Whether it be one goal, one assist, no goal, no assist, I feel it is best to try to play the game with only one touch of the ball”

Altidore, during Toronto’s pre-season, stuck to his ideals by only contributing one assist and 0 goals during the stretch of limited games that he has played.