The Nutmeg News Poll Of The Week Results - Week Of 2-23-15

The Nutmeg News Poll Of The Week results are in for the business week of February 23rd, 2015.

In response to "Which Place Will Get An MLS Team Next?'", the message and mandate was clear.

With an overwhelming 48% of the vote, the majority of you said Somewhere 20 Miles Away From Miami.

he Nutmeg News can report that it received, oddly enough, a mail in ballot from a D. Beckham that was a vote for, and we quote, "New Jersey because those assholes wont let me build a stadium that has live dolphins underneath a glass floor as a playing surface".


Also, much like Stan Kroenke's attention, "Actually In Denver" received limited attention with a scant 3% of the vote. Most of those voting for that option were from Denver themselves.