Fans With Personalized Kits Remain Terrified Of MLS Offseason

Kansas City, KS - Diana Albertson bought a personalized Paulo Nagamura jersey last season and was found clutching her kit while rocking in her office chair as the Major League Soccer offseason began.

Vintage Paulo

Vintage Paulo

"It cost me $120 dollars," said Ms Albertson. "We can't lose him. Hell, forget 'we' for a second... I can't lose him, I invested this money into a Nagamura kit. I just can't."

While Ms Albertson may have made the mistake of buying a named jersey from a league that trades players around like they are penny stocks, there are signs that she will be protected this season. "Everyone is telling me that Paulo will stay, but seriously. What am I supposed to do when he gets traded? I'm going to keep wearing this kit I tell you. One hundred and twenty dollars... ONE HUNDRED AND TWENTY DOLLARS honestly, c'mon."

While Ms. Albertson may feel slightly secure, the same cannot be said of D.C. United fan Jeremy Thorgood who recently purchased a D.C. United home Chris Pontius kit, before the player was traded to Philadelphia.

The Nutmeg News reached out to Mr. Thorgood who had the following to say, "WELL, GODDAMMIT"

The Nutmeg News will have more on this as your favorite player gets a rumor started about him going to another team in about 4 hours from now.