Crew Fan Excited For Second Leg Of Championship Game

Columbus, OH - Columbus Crew fan Frank Broadstreet said that he was very excited for the second leg of the MLS Championship game back in Portland.

"C'mon guys, keep the energy up! We can get them in Portland!" - Frank Broadstreet

"C'mon guys, keep the energy up! We can get them in Portland!" - Frank Broadstreet

"Yes, we didn't perform as well as we wanted at home, but we have the weapons to come back on Portland on the road." said a confused Mr. Broadstreet to his friends.

The Nutmeg News spoke to Mr. Broadstreet's wife Carolyn about his statements and she had the following to say, "He really just isn't coping with this very well."

The reality of the situation aside, Mr. Broadstreet spent most of Sunday evening looking at plane fares to Portland, Oregon before calling up friends to see if they were going to make the trip.

"I would love to win at home, but I can't wait to take the MLS Cup in front of their fans," he stated repeatedly as he stared at his computer screen with the television off in his basement.

"I just hope he can come to some kind of acceptance of the situation," said Carolyn Broadstreet. "I don't know how long he is going to look at plane fares down there, but I'm not going to interrupt him until he is finished whimpering at pictures of Kei Kamara and Orbitz discounts. Plus I found a place to stream The Great British Baking Show and that is the only thing taking my mind off the game this weekend."

The Nutmeg News will have more on this as Mr. Broadstreet progresses through the stages of grief.