Red Bull New York Fan Concerned That Team Didn't Play Beautiful Enough

NEW YORK - Red Bull New York fan Gareth Graham has stated, on twitter, that he is concerned that the win by Red Bull New York to get them to the Major League Soccer Eastern Conference final wasn't aesthetically pleasing enough for his discerning tastes.

My life is based around style, shouldn't my football club be this way as well?

My life is based around style, shouldn't my football club be this way as well?

Mr Graham stated, "Life is style. Art is style. Football should be style. Everything I do is interconnected with the aesthetic that defines me, and I'm concerned that there wasn't enough style with Red Bull New York to fit my je ne sais quoi."

During the Town Hall meeting with Red Bull officials, Mr Graham repeatedly asked about the style of the team stressing that it was really even more important than wins. He stands by that philosophy now. "I am not a man prone to supporting the ugly, the unctuous (unless it be cheese), the toad-like, the blasé. I am a man committed to supporting the light, the airy, the dreamy, the frail and fragile tendrils of art that consume us all. And so in football with the dream fugue that takes the artist on the field to new heights. Oh to be that form of football, but to lose by 6 goals but still have that turn in the middle of the field that makes my cheeks moist."

When asked if Mr Graham was enjoying the Red Bull run to the MLS Cup Eastern Finals he said, "Life gives you unexpected results, and to be burgeoning with promise but lacking aesthetic value is difficult. I find the moments to enjoy though and I find myself gravitating towards a light summer scarf with perhaps a Red Bull Logo on it to give me the feeling of hope that balloons from the play of the 11 on the field, even if not aesthetically beautiful at all times."

The Nutmeg News will have more on this when Mr Graham paints his face and shows up with red horns on his head for the home game against Columbus Crew.