Jozy Altidore Continues 20 Year Project Towards Unfulfilled Potential

TORONTO - As United States international and currently overpaid Toronto FC player Jozy Altidore turned 26 today, The Nutmeg News (TNN) spoke with Altidore over his 20 year project towards unfulfilled potential.

Altidore during unhappier times.

Altidore during unhappier times.

"I'm slowly heading that direction" said Altidore to our reporters on Friday. "Working my way towards 30 years old and the shift from 'we expected so much' to the eventual crushing acceptance by my fans that what you see is what you get. It's delicate process where I give hope by playing with a big team, score a goal, get injured, go on loan, go on loan again, and then eventually move with all my biggest fans saying 'he needs a change of pace.' 

The Nutmeg News spoke to a Jozy Altidore fan, Mr Stephen Reese, in Torrance, California about his expectations for Altidore going forward, "Well he was a young phenom at one point. Then he moved to a player in a bad situation. Then he moved to bust, then to misunderstood, then to another bad situation. Then for a while he was fulfilling his potential in a weak league. Then he was bad again and getting worse and now he seems to be slowly moving towards acceptance. At this point, when he turns 30, we will be able to finally say that he has achieved his potential and that he is a player who is mercurial with often a poor touch and spates of both good and disinterested play.. However, it is important to note that he doesn't get to that point til he is 28 and a half. Right now I still think he just needs time in a good system."

TNN also spoke with journalist Sid Pulanski about Altidore and he had the following to say, "I'm already planning on my un-fulfilled potential story when he turns 29. That's really only 3 years away so I'm just working on the outline and the layout at this point. Gotta let it breathe."

The Nutmeg News will have more on Altidore when he starts playing well and scoring goals only to somehow get injured or fall out of form losing all of his confidence before his big break.