Completely Out Of Ideas, Orlando City Go With "B" For Their USL Team Name

Orlando, FL - Announcing they were completely out of ideas for naming a team, the Orlando City SC front office said "ah, fuck it..... we will go with B" for the naming of their USL development team on Thursday morning.

The Front Office released a statement saying, "We tried. We really tried. We work-shopped things for at least an hour on Wednesday night, but Jeff got tired and Carla had to go home and we just said 'who wants to stay around and pick a name? OR.....OR who wants to go drink sangria and throw donuts at tourists leaving Disney World?' We ended up doing the second option and had a lot more fun. Plus, who gives a shit about names anyway. When the USL explodes into the sun and we all have to individually finance the league we will just rename the club the Orlando Aztex."

While the apathetic naming of the club from the Front Office may be obvious, the fans were thrilled.

"I'm a B Team fan!" screamed Jefferson Valenzuela. "I love to be part of the A team. At some point I hope to root for the A team. But right now I'm just going to be a B team fan."