UPSL Announces Online Broadcast Deal With Guy Who Has Cellphone Service, A Streaming App, And An Unlimited Data Plan

The United Premier Soccer League (USPL) announced a new broadcast deal on the heels of the USL, NISA, NPSL, and NWSL streaming rights announcements as the amateur league stated they came to terms with that one guy who was already planning on attending the game and has cellphone service, a streaming app, and an unlimited data plan,

Exactly like this. EXACTLY.

Exactly like this. EXACTLY.

“Yeah, we asked Brad and he agreed,” stated UPSL director George Hailey. “Everyone knows Brad is going to be there and we just asked him if he would be willing to stream the game from his phone to the internet.”

Fans of teams in the USPL indicate that they are excited for Brad’s UPSL Game Of The Week as the fan of the Florida Tropics plans on making it out to a few games this season.

“When he switched to filming in landscape mode it was like watching a Bertolucci film come to life. We are really watching an auteur at work in the world of streaming a soccer game from your phone,” stated Jim Nelson.

Brad, as he is commonly known, stated that he is working on some commentary for this season as he plans on working in, “And there he goes,” alongside his stalwart commentary of, “Oh man, that’s gonna hurt,” and, “Corner upcoming.”

The Nutmeg News will have more on this as Brad stops streaming for 15 minutes during the game of the week to take a call about where his bros Dave and Rico should get pizza.