US Soccer Announces New HR Hotline For Reporting Co-Workers That Have Complaints

CHICAGO - The United States Soccer Federation (USSF) announced a new Human Resources initiative and hotline that will help employees within the federation report other employees who seem to have complaints about the way the federation is run.

According to Federation insiders, HR took down the successories posters and replaced them with these.

According to Federation insiders, HR took down the successories posters and replaced them with these.

In a memorandum to employees that was leaked to The Nutmeg News, the USSF indicated that their new Federation Cares initiative will allow employees to take complaints about complainers directly to Human Resources and the upper administrators of US Soccer.

“At US Soccer, we believe in providing a space free from harassment and online bullying of the federation. With our new Federation Cares initiative, this will allow YOU to safeguard the stability and longevity of the Federation by ensuring that all the employees with the Federation are positively collaborating in Workplace Activation to further the stability, longevity, and financial growth of the current and future administrations of the Federation,” stated the memorandum.

“Remember, employees, if you see something, say something. If you see Glassdoor open, see a personal email regarding workplace complaints, overhear a conversation that seems to reflect poorly on the Federation, or find out that employees are discussing pay or working hours then you can simply report these inside agitators to Human Resources who will work with our new counseling staff to gently reprogram these dissidents into fully productive members of the Federation. The Federation Cares initiative is directly connected to our Q4 financial goals and will directly impact our employee workplace satisfaction surveys that we will be performing prior to our Quarterly Employee Review process. Please remember the Refer A Friend program still applies to this initiative. There will be a bonus of $250 for each person you refer to Federation Cares that results in a positive Federation Cares reassignment.”

The Nutmeg News was able to speak an anonymous US Soccer employee who stated that he skimmed the email memorandum as he was already scheduled for a two meetings around the timing of the email.

“I’m happy that it appears that HR is finally listening to our complaints. I plan on letting them know a few of mine and hopefully they will take steps to make this a better workplace.”

We were unable to reach this employee for comment after our original email exchange.

The Nutmeg News will have more on this as US Soccer requires all permanent employees to meet in the Berhalter conference room for a two hour Human Resources seminar at 4:00 pm on “Safeguarding Our Information: Protecting The Company 101.”