Manchester City Victory Allows Area Man Bragging Rights Over Guy At Work Who Might Like Soccer

NEW YORK - The victory of Manchester City on the last day of the Premier League allowed Thomas Price ultimate bragging rights over the guy at his work who might like soccer.

“Thomas, could you please get me that report on the first quarter when you are done stretching?”

“Thomas, could you please get me that report on the first quarter when you are done stretching?”

Stating, “Who’s on top this time! City is on top!” to a very confused receptionist, Thomas marched into work on Monday morning with a feeling of accomplishment and superiority to co-worker Kamal Hughes who Price noticed had a soccer website open one time when he was leading the meeting during a google hangout last weekend.

“I don’t know what club he supports but whatever club it is, it isn’t Manchester City, champions of England,” stated Price to The Nutmeg News. “I brought in a new t-shirt that I purchased from the official club store to pin up in my cubicle so he knows the truth. He’s probably a Liverpool fan and laying low. He should lay low. I’m just going to linger by his cubicle with my Manchester City coffee mug to really show him what’s up.”

The Nutmeg News spoke to Mr. Hughes who stated he has no interest in soccer, that he remains a basketball fan and that the website being open on his computer was the result of his nephew who is an avid fan of Neymar,

However, this truth did not stop Mr. Price from strutting around the corridors of his office space like everyone there actually knew anything about the Premier League at all.

“City is champion and everyone else can suck it,” stated Mr. Hughes as his co-workers discussed who the Knicks would take in the draft in their company chat online.

The Nutmeg News will have more on this as Hughes sets up his computer to automatically be playing the Manchester City trophy lift as he shares his screen on a webinar he is teaching regarding product integration.