Supporter Still Following 30 Fans On Twitter That He Dislikes

LOS ANGELES - Los Angeles Football Club (LAFC) fan Oscar Sanchez stated that he is still following roughly 30 LAFC fans on Twitter that he dislikes as his inability to drop them from his social media feed lends itself to seemingly daily outrage and arguments.

“It happened again! “

“It happened again! “

“I don’t know why I don’t just unfollow them, but….” Sanchez paused here as he scrolled through his feed. “Oh, look what a stupid fucking take, hold on… I need to respond to this.”

Sanchez then fell headfirst into an online argument abut the validity of Carlos Vela’s move to Major League Soccer growing increasingly enraged with every vibration of his phone as our attempts at an interview came to a halt, immediately.

According to his girlfriend Carla Alonso, “Oscar is a good guy but he just gets caught up in all that… oh shit, what did she say,” said Ms. Alonso as she started commenting on an Instagram post and waived away any future questions.

The Nutmeg News will have more on this as we rescheduled another interview with Mr. Sanchez for 10:00 on Saturday, no wait… 11:00, no wait… make that… you know what… he’ll text us, yeah, he will text us.