Minnesota United Supporter Sole Member Of Four Supporters Groups

Minneapolis, MN - It was discovered, on Thursday, that Minnesota United supporter Grant Yarrow is the only member of four different supporters groups that stand on the Wonderwall during Minnesota games as the prolific soccer fan sold t-shirts to himself in order to support his own activities.


Yarrow is reportedly the only member, president and social media expert for nerd supporters group The L00nl33ts, rave supporters group LoontzLoontz, the early 00’s alternative hip hop supporters group The Fun Lovin Loonimals, and an astronomy supporters group Waxing Loons (which has often been confused for a completely different organization).

“I have supporters group meetings at trivia night on Tuesday for The L00nl33ts,” stated Yarrow to The Nutmeg News. “Dance your pants meetings for LoontzLoontz on Fridays, club meetings for The Fun Lovin Loonimals on Saturdays and our meetings for the Waxing Loons tends to happen depending upon the celestial events of the week and month.”

Yarrow reportedly runs the Twitter and Facebook accounts for all four supporters groups as well as the merchandising, scarves and social coordination.

“I like to run a sassy account but information,” stated Yarrow. “Our supporters groups are all friendly with each other but the members of LoontLoontz don’t typically get along with the members of Waxing Loons as they consider that massively nerdy. For the most part, however, it is great.”

With their activities funded by merchandising, Yarrow stated that it is important to get other members of all four supporters groups to purchase the gear from all four supporters groups as he continually is making and purchasing his own t-shirts.

“We are hoping, soon, to have a spot on the terraces where we can have our own drum and sing our own songs,” stated Yarrow. “However, some of the members of the Fun Lovin Loonimals want to sing more esoteric Minnesota United songs set to the Elephant Eyelash disc from Why? so I don’t know how the LoontzLoontz drummers are going to incorporate that into their repertoire.”

The Nutmeg News will have more on this as Yarrow refers to himself in the fifth person after the leader of the L00nl33ts gets in trouble for violating the clear bag policy of the stadium.