Best Soccer Fan In North America Actually Bjorn Halvorson From Red Deer

Red Deer, AB - The British Broadcasting Company (BBC) today announced that the best soccer fan in North America is actually Bjorn Halvorson from Red Deer, Alberta.

CONGRATUL…. oh screw it, here’s the trophy.

CONGRATUL…. oh screw it, here’s the trophy.

“We looked at a variety of categories including purchasing of kits, time sent watching the game and the fact that we heard about him recently due to his excessive body painting,” stated BBC soccer producer Nigel Williams James Weathersby III from Sussex just off the A23 past Hurstpierpoint. “We realized that the greatest fan in the world was from this small Canadian town in Alberta, imagine our shock.”

For his part, Mr Halvorson stated that he was excited to receive the moniker as he placed the ceremonial trophy next to the pewter replica the Brier Tankard that he made for his local curling club.

“I got into the game recently by watching Real Madrid games,” stated Halvorson to our reporter. “Then I decided to paint my whole body and put it online. That attracted a lot attention as the detail I put into blending my nipples into the team crest really helped drive attention to my Twitter account.”

The BBC put an exhaustive 15 minutes into their search as they were referred to Mr. Halvorson by someone in the Merseyside office that saw a time-lapse video of Halvorson covering his prodigious chest and prodigious nipples with the Everton logo.

“We are proud to finally settle the debate once and for all,” stated the BBC to their Twitter account. “And we can finally say that the best soccer fan in North America is definitely Bjorn Halvorson from Red Deer.”

The Nutmeg News will have more on this as next week the BBC will announce that they’ve found a NEW best soccer fan in North America and it is a labradoodle named Bailey.