Toronto Fan's Sense Of Despair In Mid-Season Form

TORONTO - Toronto Football Club (TFC) fan Georgie Hall’s sense of despair is in mid-season form as the club lost their first game of the season 4-0 to Panamanian side Independiente in the CONCACAF Champions League.



“We are absolutely doomed,” stated Hall to her TFC Discord chat after TFC gave up the first goal of the game. “If this is our bench and our starters we are just absolutely doomed.”

Hall was previously apprehensive about the season starting with the lack of proven players on the team, the loss of Giovinco, and the seeming inability of the club to find competent players that weren’t completely hamstrung with injury.

“Sure, this team will be better when players like Altidore get back, but we are just absolutely doomed,” ranted Hall to the universe on her Twitter account. “This game was like starting the season on the road for 10 games and losing nearly all of them and we should just get to the MLS All-Star picks so I know the season can be over.”

With her despair in mid-season form, Hall stated that she just, “needed a break,” and turned off the stream after the third goal went in. Reportedly, Hall turned the stream back on just in time to catch the end of the game where she stated, “that’s what I expected,” and turned the game off again in order to get some sleep.

The Nutmeg News will have more on this as Hall attempts to find some hope with the young players on the bench before realizing that theoretical players of the future do nothing to salvage a loss that just happened.