Amazing! This Jerk On Twitter Is Actually A Jerk In Real Life, Too!

INTERNET - Friends of @Sccrzwars2kxx stated that they were astounded to find that the vitriolic, abrasive and malcontent Twitter account was actually run by a vitriolic, abrasive and malcontent person in real life.


“They say never meet your heroes,” stated Billy Yaver who met @sccrzwars2kxx (Dan Williams) at a local Red Robin while he was in the area. “But in this case I can tell you that whatever you think about Dan online is probably not even close to how much of an asshole he is in real life.”

Defenders of Mr. Williams state that he is just a purposeful troll exposing the deep complexities and problems of the state of soccer in the United States,.

“Look @Sccerwars2kxx may be abrasive, but he has a point,” stated @YancyThigpenDanceOff who admitted he never met Mr. Williams in real life. “I’m sure he’s just a normal man like me who has an internet persona, and I’d be happy to meet him.”

“It’s the INTERNET,” stated Sam “@billbobthwartin” Dingle. “You can’t take what people say online as being serious. It’s the internet, for the lulz.”

Despite these statements, Mr. Yaver stated that @sccrwars2kxx was just as much an asshole in person as he is on the internet.

“He doesn’t tip service people and the guy was extremely rude to the waitress that served us. I literally watched him tweet to Red Robin corporate about how terrible she was because she didn’t bring over the season salt fast enough. What a dick. And somehow he followed up this behavior by tweeting directly at Kyle Martino about that, ‘being enough salt for you yet.’ I don’t even know what that means?!”

The Nutmeg News will have more on this as more people excuse @Sccrzwars2kxx behavior on the basis of him being a needed spokesman on important issues that no one will address and after all, it’s the internet N00b.