We Conducted A Nationwide Survey Regarding Which Team Random People Think Will Win The MLS This Year

Researches with The Nutmeg News Institute (TNNI) conducted a nationwide survey of random people in the United States, the eastern part of New Brunswick and the western area of Dorchester off the A35 but north of the A37 next to the Bramble Cafe and Deli in Poundbury regarding who they think will win the Major League Soccer this year.


Their responses may shock and surprise you but reflect the national level of confidence in the overall state of teams within the league.

Question - Which Team Do You Think Will Win The MLS?

Answer #5 - “What The Hell Are You Talking About?”


When asked “which team will win the MLS this year,” the fifth most replied response was, “what the hell are you talking about,” a bold choice according to statisticians.

Answer #4 - “Probably Whatever Team Landon Donovan Is On”

(Chadd Cady / Chadd Cady)

(Chadd Cady / Chadd Cady)

The fourth most given answer came from random people who weren’t certain if Landon Donovan was still playing and if he is still playing, which team he currently represents.

Answer #3 - “Manchester City”


The league dominant team was given a fairly decent chance of winning the competition as fans attempted to figure out if they should panic in the early season due to the results from last weekend.

Answer #2 - “Re/Max”


The international real estate company was picked to be the possible winner of the Multiple Listing Service (MLS) by many of the people our researchers spoke with as they indicated that despite a softening of the global real estate market they believe that it can do better given what’s happening with job creation and the historically low mortgage rate that is currently in place.is having the market under-perform relative to its value.

Answer #1 - “The Golden State Warriors”


By far, the number one answer given was the Golden State Warriors. Experts indicate that with two championships in the past three years that this remains an odds on favorite to make it to the championship despite what may be a transition year.

The Nutmeg News will have more on this as we work with our pollsters to establish a list of teams that people have to pick from.