No One In Front Office Remembers Password To Spanish Language Twitter Account

Yuma, AZ - According to reports, no one with the Yuma Futbol Club United front office actually remembers the password to the @YumaEnEspanol soccer account that was set up for Spanish language information and tweets over three and a half years ago.


Yuma FCU recently hired Dan Evans, a new part-time social media coordinator, and he quickly asked about the defunct account.

“What they are telling me is that the last time this thing was updated was during our playoff run a couple years ago,” stated Evans to our reporter. “It sounds like they found someone at that time that was helping out with the team to update the account before he moved on to a job with a USL squad.”

Evans stated that he thought the club could do a better job of attracting fans if they reached out to a more diverse crowd.

“I think it would be great to have more fans out to our games but no one with this team really speaks Spanish. I mean, I just recently learned about Elotes and I love Pinatas and Burritos…… Can I run a twitter account off google translate?

The Nutmeg News will have more on this as Evans attempts to craft a really distinct Spanish language Twitter account after two weeks of using Duolingo.