Columbus Crew Social Media Managers Checking Twitter Mentions Again

Columbus, OH - The battalion of social media managers handling the @ColumbusCrew twitter account admitted that they were finally checking their Twitter mentions again after the sale of the Crew from Anthony “I paid money for United Passions” Precourt.


“I no longer dread the uptick in numbers on our mentions,” stated one anonymous manager. “I no longer slowly weep in the bathroom at the climbing blue digits that tell me something horrible was reported about the old ownership group. Also, I no longer have random fans swearing at the account nearly every day.”

Sources with the Crew organization indicate that the club is considering the possibility of counselling, after the past year, with an emphasis on handling PTSD for the managers that survived the PSV era.

“We must handle our veterans of this with care and love,” stated one source within the front office. “I saw one manager receive a vibrate notification of a text message from a loved one and that put them into a momentary state of shock. We had to tell them that it wasn’t a press release from PSV about the Austin team anymore and after a 20 minute hug session they finally were able to have the panic attack pass.”

The custodial staff of the Crew indicated that they hung new posters in the offices for the Crew that state, “It’s not your fault. It’s NOT your fault.”

For their part, the social media managers say that they actually enjoy interacting with the fans again, at least until the season starts.

The Nutmeg News will have more on this as the Crew authorize support and therapy dog Twitter accounts for social media managers.