Fans Start GoFundMe To Purchase Snorkels For North Carolina Courage

Cary, NC - After an interview with Courage head coach Paul Riley where he stated his attitude on Hurricane Florence was, “We have spoken about it very little. We would play in a supermarket parking lot if we had to,” fans of the North Carolina Courage started a GoFundMe to purchase snorkels for the team in case the torrential rains flood the Courage facility.

“It’s important for our team to have an advantage over the Chicago Red Stars,” stated Courage fan Rebecca Kruse. “We are purchasing the highest quality snorkels we can for the team.”

According to team representatives, they do not have enough money to purchase snorkels for the entire team as they rely on fan donations to outfit the entirety of the team.

“We were told that, due to NCAA rules, we are actually unable to outfit Tori Hansen or Julia Aronov if the team had to call them up so we are hoping there isn’t some kind of emergency that would entail them playing,” stated Kruse to The Nutmeg News. “The NCAA said that they would just have to purchase their own snorkels or just die in the flood to keep their eligibility. Either/Or.”

With tensions surrounding the game at an all time high, owner Stephen Malik took time out of ignoring the problem to state, “We do not need snorkels. God will prevent this field from flooding. Rain will not touch us. We are above rain.”

The Nutmeg News will have more on this as Paul Riley enforces a new training technique of having the team hold their breath during shooting drills.