Quick Skim Of "Inverting The Pyramid" Has New Expert Ready To Talk Tactics

Knoxville, TN - A quick skim of Inverting The Pyramid has John Jamison, a new formations and historical soccer expert, ready to talk tactics with all the soccer fans in his local area as he prowled the internet for places to exercise his prodigious knowledge of the game.


“I know the…. um…,”

Mr. Jamison quickly opened the book to a tab

“Yeah, I know the WM formation and the history and you know… like that Hungary coffee shop shit. Who wants to talk tactics!”

Mr. Jamison quickly made a name for himself on forums connected to the United States Men’s National Team with his seemingly sophisticated analysis of current tactical trends implemented by interim head coach Dave Sarachan which really was just cribbed ideas that he lifted from Jonathan Wilson and appropriated to a specific game.

“Yes, indeed,” Mr Jamison said sagaciously as he re-watched a youtube clips from a German first division game from 1993 that he found on youtube. “I can completely see the total arc and evolution of the false 9 from this simple highlight.”

Friends say that Jamison’s usual sanctimony has gone through the roof after reading Mr Wilson’s book on tactical innovation through the years, but that he was fine as long as you don’t talk about soccer.

“It’s like John has gone all in with being a gluten free vegan crossfit advocate,” stated good friend Brad Halloway. “We don’t talk about soccer and he doesn’t ask me about my hentai addiction. Win/Win.”

The Nutmeg News will have more on this as Mr. Jamison decides that the world NEEDS a blog and twitter account and a youtube account regarding his particular insights into international tactics.