New Youth Soccer Coach Hopes Wide Receivers Can Run Proper Fly Route

Hopkinsville, KY - David Hastings, the new youth soccer coach for the Bluegrass United boys and girls U-12 teams, stated that he hopes that the wide receivers on his team can run a proper fly route as he took his teams through practice for the first time this year.


“You boys better know how to block and what we are going to do is run through some conditioning drills,” stated Hastings to the collected teams.

Hastings started the boys and girls teams on a conditioning regiment that involved running wind sprints and working on fitness as he stated, “If we can run our opponents into the ground, we can win the battle on the field.”

Parents state that Hastings sent an email to parents asking for any assistant coaches with an experience in soccer or youth sports who could help by being his eyes and ears while implementing his mandates of physical fitness he expects to create a culture of winners.

“I have experience watching games in England,” stated father Tom Williams. “So, I volunteered to help our kids get ready for the season. I’m watching a lot of Youtube clips of the United States under Bruce Arenas to really get that idea of tactical nous and athletic endeavor that I need to instill in these boys. We need to play the American way with a lot of hustle and work.”

Hastings, for his part, plans to implement his long experience in conditioning drills for Pop Warner football into the regiment for his soccer teams as he complained about soccer’s culture of creating, “wusses who dive on the field and buy into that fake concussion bullshit.”

The Nutmeg News will have more on this as Hastings has his team working on their 40 yard dash speed.