US Justice Department Immediately Opens Up Investigation Into FIFA After Gianni Infantino Meets With President Trump

WASHINGTON - According to insider sources, the United States Justice Department immediately opened up an investigation into the international money laundering cartel known as FIFA after president Gianni Infantino met with President Donald Trump.


"Given the level of corruption and backhanded deals involved within the organization including money laundering, human rights violations, and ethical impropriety we are amazed that FIFA even agreed to meet with President Trump and the United States corporation," stated one anonymous source with the Justice Department. "The feeling here is that any dealings that FIFA have with the United States casts a serious shadow over the organizational structure of FIFA and forces our hand into an investigation into the organization, again."

Infantino reportedly met President Donald Trump in the White House where the two discussed soccer, terminology, President Trump's son Baron, and how to avoid being prosecuted for human rights violations by the international community.

The Nutmeg News reached out to former FIFA President Sepp Blatter, currently serving a six year ban from FIFA activities, who had the following to say, "President Trump is a good man, a great man, a man I look up to in every regard. My removal from FIFA was a witch hunt built on fake news, to use your terminology."

The Nutmeg News will have more on this as Infantino suggests that term limits shouldn't apply to global leaders of federations OR countries.