TNN Art Corner: NYCFC Fan Groups Embrace Surrealism With Irrational Juxtaposition Of Right And Wrong

NEW YORK - With the New York City FC T.I.F.O team creating a display that evoked the dadaism and surrealism of the 1920s while challenging the preconceived notions of correct thought, The Nutmeg News turned to New York City Art Critic Donalda Bristane to illuminate their attempt at a stadium installation.

We must understand what the artist is trying to say, here.

We must understand what the artist is trying to say, here.

"The layperson may see the wrong team crest in this display, but we, the critic, must see the irrational juxtaposition of the correct teams and the incorrect team as a sign that the creator wants to challenge our preconceived notions of what IS art," stated Bristane to The Nutmeg News. "The viewer wishes to see SSV Markranstädt, but the artist challenges this preconception by including Lokomotive Leipzig."

While fans castigated the display online, Ms Bristane indicated that they missed the overall messaging in the display.

"What we see here is really a demonstration of the idea of fake news, but in graphic format. It's a critique of the things that are so easily verifiable by google and modern technology as to not be believed when incorrectly stated or shown. It becomes clear that the artists could have and did spend the requisite time researching the right teams to include in this installation. The message is in the surrealism of putting in the wrong team, of forcing the viewer to comprehend, understand and apply themselves logically to deduce the message. Then the artist challenges the viewer by utilizing their rival's slogan while incorporating the dadaist methodology of completely ridiculing the meaninglessness of the modern world. Red Bull gives you wings, and death and fake news, and all the things in our news cycle. This piece is reflective of that even if it doesn't have the gravitas of inspirational pieces from the artists in Montreal who effected these ideas prior."

The Nutmeg News will have more on this after we consult our thesaurus to figure out about what she was talking.