Indy Eleven Fan Starts #NotBuiltForMLS Campaign To Ensure Team Doesn't Go To Major League Soccer

Indianapolis, IN - Indy Eleven fan Oscar Williams announced, today, the formation of his group "Not Built For MLS", a group dedicated to keeping his team out of Major League Soccer.

.......... from the league structure.

.......... from the league structure.

"I just want to say Hell No to Major League Soccer," stated Williams to The Nutmeg News. "No to their franchising, no to their club movement, no to their arcane financial rules, and just no to the whole thing."

Williams started "Not Built For MLS" as a hashtag within the last six months as his thoughts clarified on the league after seeing what happened to Columbus Crew fans.

"I don't want to lose my team. I especially don't want that team moved somewhere else and to watch all those other fans enjoying my pain and misery as they fall in love with the players and team that I loved for so long. Moving to Major League Soccer means there is a chance that Indy 11 gets moved somewhere else so I'll be perfectly happy to stay in the USL."

#NotBuiltForMLS has taken off on social media with 10s of fans tweeting their support from Sacramento to Arizona.

"I just hope these fans know that what they have now is good enough," stated Williams. "I hope they know that the most important thing isn't being in the best league, but having a team you can call your own."

The Nutmeg News will have more on this as other Indy Eleven fans call Williams a cynical dickhead who doesn't understand how totally awesome it would be to be in Major League soccer.