Goodbye Post On Soccer Blog Generates More Traffic Than Previous 10 Articles Combined

INTERNET - The goodbye post from blog reportedly generated more traffic to the website than the previous 10 articles combined as the blog announced their departure from the internet to much critical fanfare.

"I'm going to really miss them," stated infrequent reader Jim Ellingsly who once complained about the website attempting to utilize Patreon in order to keep running. "They were a great example of a website that really connected with me regarding the league and I'm going to be sorry that they are gone."

These comments were echoed by soccer fan Henry Taylor who adamantly refused to turn off his ad-blocker when the website attempted to stay afloat by running advertisements, as he stated, "I'll really miss AroundMLS, but I'm confident that their legacy will be enshrined in the hearts of all soccer fans. I just wish they could've figured out a way to stay online. I guess it is just a sign of the times, here."

Even the community on Reddit mourned the loss of AroundMLS as user RickNMortyStan4SSFC stated, "I didn't even know they had a website. I just thought it was a Twitter account."

Toxic reddit user FinnBalor4PrezPlzSendNude commented, "Wow, I just thought about sharing something on my Facebook page from them but decided against overwhelming the general flood of Infowars links that my Parents were sharing online, but I wonder why they had to pull the plug."

With the veteran website closing up shop, many Soccer Writers took time to wish the bloggers for well as they stated, "Good luck, I'm sure someone not affiliated with my current job will consider picking you up before they realize that they are in danger of being fired for writing a critical piece about the NFL and stop returning your emails."

The Nutmeg News will have more on this as AroundMLS writers consider relaunching the website for 1 second before letting the domain expire and sighing a giant sigh of relief.