Seattle Reign Implement Supporters Group Loyalty Oath Program

Seattle, WA - The Seattle Reign front office, today, instituted a new loyalty oath program for their supporters groups where they mandate that all members of a supporters group must swear unwavering fealty to the front office of the Reign.

"...and I swear to not use ANY naughty words, ever."

"...and I swear to not use ANY naughty words, ever."

"To speak out against the Reign front office is tantamount to treason," stated Seattle Reign owner and President Bill Predmore. "We will require all members of our supporters groups to swear an absolute loyalty oath to the front office of the team and the employees thereof."

Insider sources with the Reign say they are tired of criticism from their own fans of game-day operations and the way in which the supporters groups are run by the Reign. The loyalty oath will require a signed statement that indicates the fan in question will never publicly criticize the front office, the game-day operations, the stadium, the bathrooms in the stadium, the concessions in the stadium or the security in the stadium, and especially not the front office run supporters group.

"Fans come and go," stated Predmore to The Nutmeg News. "But the front office is forever and you need to swear to this front office that you will not speak out against it in order to receive tickets in the Royal Guard. It's only a natural extension of our national predicament in which unpatriotic loudmouths are trying to ruin the country. We will not let that happen to the Reign and we will vigorously crack down on any and all supporters of this team if they are not 100% in lock step with everything that comes out of the front office."

The Nutmeg News will have more on this as the Royal Guard ask for permission from the front office to attend the next home game.