"I'm Not Disagreeing With You," States Man On Reddit Who Is Disagreeing With You

INTERNET - Reddit user u/DarnItHenry was reportedly told, "I'm not disagreeing with you," by u/MagillaGorilla6969 after the user disagreed with him on his interpretation of the New York Cosmos, promotion/relegation, and the structure of US Soccer on Thursday morning.


"Listen bro, I'm not disagreeing with you, really," stated MagillaGorilla6969 as they laid out a bullet point list of all the places that they disagreed with DarnItHenry. "We agree on what you are talking about, you just aren't understanding what I'm saying."

Reportedly, DarnItHenry got online to check on his daily news, upvote a few pictures of kittens and go about his day before he was pulled into an eternal suckfest conversation on the topic of US Soccer.

"I regret everything," stated DarnItHenry as he attempted to somehow close out the tabs on his browser, forget even engaging in the first place and try to find some kind of inner peace while understanding that he was being eviscerated by an anonymous dickhead in the comments section of a thread read by hundreds of nerds, nationwide

"I'm just saying that you aren't wrong and that I agree with you except for your entire premise," stated MagillaGorilla6969 again as he sent a private message to DarnItHenry that contained 13 separate links from other blogs that tenously supported a position somewhat tangential to his original point.

The Nutmeg News will have more on this as 3 years from now MagillaGorilla6969 brings up that time, "when DarnItHenry was so wrong, bro."