FOX Executives Shocked To Find Out There's A World Cup For Women After Julie Foudy Tweet

LOS ANGELES - Executives with FOX were reportedly shocked to find out that there is actually a World Cup for Women after being corrected on a statistic by two time World Cup winner and two time Olympic Gold Medalist Julie Foudy.


"Who woudla imagined that the dames woulda had the moxy to pull that together,": stated FOX executive Dick Richards. "What with this women's lib, they are getting more and more involved in the sports, which we know isn't good for their women stuff."

The Nutmeg News reached out for comment on Mr. Richards statement, but we were told that he was unavailable to comment after being promoted to senior management with FOX News.

However, sources within the newsroom at FOX indicate that they were simply shocked to find out that Women play soccer as they stated, "WOMEN? WHAT WITH THEM MENSTRUATION AND STUFF? THEY PLAY? Won't they just die out there?"

The Nutmeg News will have more on this as FOX News asks whether the Women's World Cup is eroding traditional family values.